Lease extension award

12 nov

Number: 17532145

Country: United States

Source: Federal Business Opportunities

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Lease extension awardSolicitation Number: 1204H110L2209
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location: R-6 Contracting North - Pacific Northwest Regional Office

Solicitation Number: 1204H110L2209

Notice Type: Award Notice

Contract Award Date: November 1, 2019

Contract Award Number: 1204H110L2209

Contract Award Dollar Amount: Annual Rent of $267456

Contractor Awarded Name: Watumull Properties Corp

Contractor Awarded DUNS: 079523442

Contractor Awarded Address: 307 Lewers Street, 6th Floor

Honolulu, Hawaii 96815-2537
United States

Synopsis: Added: Nov 07, 2019 6:22 pm This serves as notice that the United States Government has accepted an offer to lease 12736 rentable square feet of space yielding a minimum of 12736 ANSI/BOMA office area square feet and 29 surface parking spaces using Other than Full and Open Competition practices for a new lease for the US Forest Service. The lease has been awarded to Watumull Properties Corp in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Commencing 8/1/2020 through 7/31/2025, the U.S. Government shall pay the Lessor annual rent of $333717.73 for a fully serviced lease at the rate of $27809.81 per month. Said rent shall consist of a shell rental in the amount of $267456 annually and an operating rent of $66261.73. The lease terms are set at 5 years/2 years firm. The USFS may terminate this lease after 11/1/2021 with 9 months" written notice to the Lessor.

Contracting Office Address: 1220 SW 3rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204
United States

Primary Point of Contact.: Kathy M. Cooke, Leasing Specialist Phone: 5038082373