Y--Construct a Pest-Proof Fence at Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) - Ki

Country: United States
Language: EN
Customer: Department of the Interior
Number: 4230150
Publication date: 13-09-2017
Source: Federal Business Opportunities
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Y--Construct a Pest-Proof Fence at Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) - KiSolicitation Number: F17PS00608
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Fish and Wildlife Service
Location: CGS-WO

Solicitation Number: F17PS00608

Notice Type: Special Notice

Synopsis: Added: Sep 12, 2017 11:50 pm NO AWARD - It has been determined that it is not in the Government"s best interest to make award from this solicitation. The requirement documents will be reviewed in order for the Government to determine the appropriate path forward. A similar solicitation may be issued at a later date.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - Contracting and General Services (CGS) Region 1, located at 911 NE 11th Avenue; Portland, OR 97232, is issuing a Solicitation for Construct a Pest-Proof Fence at Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) - Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.

THE WORK CONSISTS OF: (Refer to the Statement of Objectives [SOO] for Additional Information)

Contractor shall design and install a mongoose, cat, dog, and ungulate-proof fencing around approximately 700 acres at Kealia Pond NWR. Fencing will act as an effective, long-term barrier to the entrance of non-flighted mammalian pests around the entire perimeter of the wetland.

The procurement includes three separately-priced construction phases. Each phase shall meet all performance objectives and constraints as indicated in the SOO. The three phases are as follows:

Phase 1 - Retrofit or replace approximately 2.25 miles of existing, galvanized steel fencing. Fencing shall cross three (3) streams. Fencing shall have one (1) vehicle access gate.

Phase 2 - Design and install approximately 1.21 miles of new fencing along the Refuge boundary to two endpoints in permanent freshwater areas. Fencing shall include one (1) pedestrian access and one (1) main vehicle access gate.

Phase 3 (Option) - Design and install approximately 1.31 miles of new fencing on the southern Refuge boundary that runs along North Kihei Road. Fencing shall include one (1) pedestrian access gate for Refuge Staff use only.

EVALUATION: (Refer to Sections L & M for Additional Information)

The award will be made based on the best overall (i.e. best value) proposal that is determined to be the most beneficial to the Government. Offerors are cautioned that the award may not be necessarily made to the lowest-priced or highest technically-rated offeror.

The Tradeoff Source Selection Process shall be utilized. There will be three (3) non-cost factors: Technical Solution, Recent Relevant Experience, and Past Performance. To receive consideration for award, a rating of no less than Acceptable must be achieved for Technical Solution and Recent Relevant Experience. In addition, a rating of no less than Satisfactory Confidence or Unknown Confidence (Neutral) must be achieved for Past Performance.

All evaluation factors (i.e. Technical Solution, Recent Relevant Experience, and Past Performance) other than Cost / Price, when combined, are approximately equal to Cost / Price. In addition, Recent Relevant Experience and Past Performance, when combined, are significantly less important than Technical Solution. Lastly, Recent Relevant Experience is approximately equal to Past Performance.

The Government intends to evaluate proposals and award a contract without discussions with offerors, except clarifications as described in FAR 15.306(a); therefore, the offerors initial proposal should contain the offerors best terms from a cost or price and technical standpoint. The Government reserves the right to conduct discussions if the contracting officer later determines them to be necessary.


Offerors are urged and expected to inspect the site where the work will be performed. Additional information on the site visit can be found in FAR Provision 52.236-27 Alt I (Site Visit [Construction]).


The solicitation, specifications and other attachments are available for download on FedBizOpps (FBO) (http://www.fbo.gov) and FedConnect (http://www.fedconnect.net), with an anticipated proposal due date of August 31, 2017. In order to view these documents on FBO, prospective offerors are required to self-register their firm with FBO (Go to FBO and Register Now under Vendor / Citizens). Registrants are responsible for the accuracy of the information on the registration list.

In order to view these documents on FedConnect, prospective offerors shall go to FedConnect and click on Search Public Opportunities Only. From there, change the Search Criteria dropdown menu to Reference Number, type the solicitation number into the adjacent text box and click on Search.

The anticipated award date will be on or about September 21, 2017. The overall period of performance of the resulting contract will be from Notice to Proceed + 6 Months.

This is an unrestricted procurement. The applicable NAICS Code is 238990 (All Other Specialty Trade Contractors) with a small business size standard of $15.0 Million. All responsible sources may submit a proposal which shall be considered by the Government.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please contact the Contracting Officers, Mr. Michael Stearns (michael_stearns@fws.gov; 503-736-4469) and Ms. Wendy Duval (wendy_duval@fws.gov; 503-872-2825).

Additional Info:

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Point of Contact(s): Miller, Joshua

General Information Notice Type: Special Notice

Posted Date: September 12, 2017

Response Date: -

Archive Date: -

Original Set Aside: N/A

Set Aside: N/A

Classification Code: Y -- Construction of structures and facilities

NAICS Code: 238 -- Specialty Trade Contractors/238990 -- All Other Specialty Trade Contractors

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